Civil Marco: Brazil’s law to protect internet freedom

The Civil Marco Internet, Law 12,965 / 2014 was sanctioned on April 23, 2014 by President Dilma Rousseff during the Meeting Global Multisectoral on the Internet Governance Future – NETMundial in Sao Paulo. Some of the devices and rules of the law will be regulated. Specifically, Article 9, which governs the network neutrality, determines that their rules are private Presidency of the Republic after the and Anatel. In addition, pursuant to Article 24, item II of the Act, the will be called to participate in the “promotion of rationalization of management, expansion and use of the Internet.” In order to broaden participation, inviting to debate and search for consensus all sectors of society, and his GT Civil Marco Internet regulations, open this call for contributions to reflection and formulation of the items necessary for the regulation of Law.

via Contribuição para a discussão da Neutralidade.